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Tell your doctor about any new noticeable vaginal odors to rule out a yeast infection, which can be safely treated with anti fungals during pregnancy.

Nike Hats For Men

Nike Hats For Men

"Sometimes you can smell yourself vaginally, especially toward the end of pregnancy," Hoover says. "It could be because you have more mucus then. Some people get worried about the odor and bring wet wipes wherever Nike Hats For Men they go. But no one else can tell. Your scent hasn't gotten stronger; your sense of smell has improved."

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chooses to tell you about it.

Reduce your risk of developing hemorrhoids by avoiding constipation. Stay well hydrated, eat more fiber, and use over the counter stool softeners.

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"Any time it's a cosmetic outpatient procedure not medically indicated, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons will push it off until after pregnancy," University of Alabama at Birmingham obstetrics and gynecology associate professor Kim Hoover, MD, says. "During pregnancy, laser treatments on the face can affect skin pigment, and it may cause scarring."

6. AcnePimples and unsightly outbreaks are common especially during the first trimester because of the additional hormones coursing through your system. Certain acne medications, such as Retin A, are off limits during pregnancy, but other treatments are allowed.

7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

"Consult your doctor about supplementary fiber as well," Smith says. "Hold your nose and stifle your gag as you force it down."

smaller percentage of women begin picking up on their own scent, which can be embarrassing.

5. HemorrhoidsAsk any new mom about hemorrhoids, and she'll probably have an uncomfortable story to share, if she New Era St. Louis Browns

you to log in for privacy reasons.

Nike Hats For Men

If hemorrhoids develop, witch hazel pads and anti inflammatory creams can help, and they're safe during pregnancy, Hakakha says.

Waxing or tweezing is the safest methods for hair removal during pregnancy.

Nike Hats For Men

Nike Hats For Men

"Most acne washes are safe since the product does not sit on your skin for long periods of time. But ask your doctor before using any acne product," Hakakha says. "Use topical acne medication sparingly, only on affected areas. Products containing , benzoyl peroxide, and azelaic acid are safe to use in small amounts."

Nike Hats For Men

Nike Hats For Men

7 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy SymptomsHow to handle excess gas, hemorrhoids, acne, and more."Most pregnant women are ecstatic to learn that they'll soon be sporting a beautiful mane of hair," Hakakha says. "But when we start talking about the breasts, abdomen, and face, the excitement soon turns to horror."

"Hemorrhoids are a sure bet when a woman becomes pregnant," Hakakha says. "They often occur with constipation and the straining that ensues in an attempt to have a bowel movement. And we all know that constipation is one of the most common complaints in pregnancy."

Nike Hats For Men

4. OdorsSome women develop a stronger sense of smell during pregnancy. Many develop an aversion to strong food odors, such as poultry or seafood. A New Era Caps Baltimore Orioles

Nike Hats For Men

Nike Hats For Men

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