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Head to your local hardware store and stock up on a few electrical timers. Put them on selected lights maybe the bedroom and the kitchen and one on the radio. Set them to mimic a typical evening of pottering around and TV watching. It will Nike Hat Blue be a fantastic deterrent for anyone who may be casing your house for any movements.

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Read more:See how Budget Direct can help with your contents insurance.

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Life is busy and some days you may only be at home for a few hours to sleep. If you have a busy schedule it can be a New York Yankees Hats Gold

simply by stalking their social media feed. It's fine to post some holiday snaps but be a bit elusive about where you are, for how long, and whether your home is empty. Just to be on the safe side.

Your neighbours can be your biggest asset if you tend to be away from home frequently. You'll be able to keep an eye on each other's properties. Let your neighbours know if you have workmen or builders coming. That way, any unusual activity will be noticed. Nosey neighbours are a brilliant deterrent for thieves so make sure you have yours on side.

4. Keep your holiday movements off social media

5. Put timers on electrical appliances

It's really tempting to take picture of a road sign that's miles away from your home and hashtag it 'holiday' on your social media streams but Adidas Cap White And Black

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Dead bolt locks are a must have for home security. Unlike spring bolt locks that can be opened using force, a dead lock can only be moved by rotating the lock cylinder, making it difficult for anyone to get through the door without the correct key. Dead locks are essential for all homes and especially those that are frequently unoccupied during the holiday season.

2. Know your neighbours

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3. Get deadbolts fitted to doors

6 ways to keep your property safe

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thieves are getting more and more clever. They can figure out where people live, what their names are and exactly where they've been on holiday, Adidas Cap For Ladies

good idea to use electrical timers to make it look like someone's home.

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Make sure what you're buying is a legitimate security screen. The screens should not be glued in place. Your house doesn't need to look like a jail but the screens should be robust enough to slow down criminals so there is more chance of them being seen loitering around your house rather than slipping in unnoticed through a cheap, easily removable screen.

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