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even if you can spare only 10 minutes at a time will help keep your energy levels at their peak. Move around every chance you get, even if it's just to pace in circles while you're on the phone.

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6. Grab a Research finds that just a whiff of this scented spice can reduce fatigue and make you feel more alert. No cinnamon handy? Grab a mint from your bag. Peppermint's sweet aroma is another fatigue fighter.

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5. Go nuts. Eat a handful of almonds and peanuts, which are high in magnesium and folate (). These nutrients are essential for energy and cell production. A lack of these nutrients in your system can leave you feeling weary.

low energy).

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1. Eat your breakfast. People who eat breakfast every morning report less fatigue and stress than people who skip it. High fiber foods, like hot oatmeal, stick with you longer than a sweet roll or pastry. As the day wears on, they'll prevent you from getting hungry (hunger can lead to Nike Cap Green

3. Belt out your favorite tune. Singing gives you a kind of emotional high while it reduces levels of stress hormones in your body. So grab a hairbrush, put on your favorite song, and sing away. If you're at work and don't want to face your co workers' puzzled stares, you might want to save your vocal stylings for the car.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Energy in 10 Minutes

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2. Do a downward dog. Some studies have found that yoga, which uses various postures and deep breathing for exercise and meditation, can be an excellent fatigue Ny Yankees Hats


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Are your eyelids sagging as the afternoon wears on? When low energy drags you down, don't look to a candy bar, cup of coffee, or energy drink for a lift. The sugar and caffeine might give you an immediate pick me up, but after that quick high wears off, you'll crash and feel even more drained

7. Get moving. Exercise is a natural energy booster, because whenever Nike Cap Online you do it, oxygen rich blood surges through your body to your heart, muscles, and brain. Regularly squeezing a workout into your day Baltimore Orioles Caps

What you need: a lasting solution to keep sluggishness at bay. Here are 10 fatigue fighters that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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