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If you aren't sure what to leave off your resume, consider this: if the information you add doesn't contribute directly to your goal and show that you're an ideal fit, then either leave it off your resume, or avoid calling undue attention to it.

Stating that you "increased sales by $3 million" is impressive, but doesn't click as much as noting that you dealt with 4 new competitors that entered the market that year.

If you've held numerous jobs and find it difficult to ensure that your resume and LinkedIn Profile correlate to each other, print out both documents and review them side by side.

Last, form each story into a bullet style sentence that incorporates each element, as in these examples:

5 Resume Mistakes That Can Knock You Out of the Running

Your resume has a challenging job to do in order to get you into an interview. Then get to work on those revisions!

New York Yankees Hats New Era

In fact, this may come as a shock, but most people really don't do themselves justice on paper, no matter what their situation.

New York Yankees Hats New Era

"Increased sales 23% by changing consultative strategy in response to distributor concerns, with personal, monthly meetings set up to address partner needs."

New York Yankees Hats New Era

New York Yankees Hats New Era

If your social media presence is out of alignment with your resume, this can create confusion, and in the case of more revealing online information (such as dates that reveal your age), cast you out of consideration.

Give it a title, such as "Sales Performance Contributions" or "Technical Career Highlights," that ties into your job goal.

4 Misalignment with your digital identity.

Yet, many resumes skip over the context of achievements, leaving the reader to either miss key details or use their imaginations concerning the applicant's professional career.

Even if you carefully construct your resume based on a strong message of value to your next employer, they'll be hunting down your LinkedIn Profile and other digital proof of your credentials as soon as they receive it!

took to address it (the Action).

In other words, use a strategy that helps the reader quickly see your brand value, instead of expecting the employer to hunt through your resume to find it.

New York Yankees Hats New Era

The Result is best described in terms of metrics, as figures capture the most attention from employers allowing them to see the true impact of your work.

As an example, there's a world of difference between a broker whose sales were 1 in the country prior to 2007, and one who has generated revenue despite New Era New York Yankees Baseball Cap

Dates can also work against you, especially if the year you graduated from college puts you close to retirement age. Unfortunately, age bias is alive and well in the job market, so you'll want to keep the degree, but lose the date or risk losing out on an interview (and the opportunity to describe why you're a perfect fit).

"Controlled IT costs, creating $30K annual savings in network operations area, with new virtual networks and staff training that allowed for 15% drop in dedicated support hours."

There isn't any other way to put it: do you really want to list your GPA from 15 years ago? Will employers care about your first 2 jobs out of college now that you've reached the executive suite? Does it matter that you've consulted on the side in an unrelated field?

2 Lack of a resume strategy.

You can also list keywords in a section called New York Yankees Hats New Era "Value Offered in Marketing Leadership" or "Relevant Auditing Skills" (with the title related to the job you're pursuing).

For example, if your most recent job isn't the strongest in your history (perhaps as a step down from a more relevant role), pull in related achievements into another summary on the first Adidas Hats For Girls

New York Yankees Hats New Era

New York Yankees Hats New Era

New York Yankees Hats New Era

You'll want to keep unrelated, potentially confusing information to yourself during a job search. Employers often look for a direct tie in to specific requirements, and extra information can distort your message.

New York Yankees Hats New Era

To write C A R stories for your resume, first make a list of your top 10 achievements from throughout your career. Next, flesh out each narrative by simply filling in the blanks for the Challenge, Action you took, and Results you attained.

One of the most important tools in telling your story, situational context can make all the difference in your resume.

If your resume merely announces your name, provides a summary with bland generalizations, and then swings right into a work history that doesn't match your goal, you can count on being passed over for top jobs.

a flagging economy.

Resume strategy is the plan you'll need to construct before even writing the first word, where you've thought about where and how to present critical information that is prioritized by its relative importance.


New York Yankees Hats New Era

One solid strategy for pulling context into your resume is to use the C A R format, which stands for Challenge Action Result. The C A R method allows you to describe the situation (Challenge), as well as the steps you New Era Yankees Beanie

New York Yankees Hats New Era

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