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Crysis 2. Technically a light engine, but visually stunning. I think the lighting effects and refractions based on the fact you were wearing a helmet New Era Texas Rangers

New Era New York

New Era New York

1. Crysis. one word. scale.

5. Crysis 2 DX11

New Era New York

this happened last time there was a thread like this, and someone argued about black ops being GORGEOUS. HAHA!

with both engines. I like the lighting in Crysis 2.

crysis (overall the best technical and graphical game ever made, with high res texture mods, it is insane)

Have not played it yet but this games graphics look insane even without texture mods.

3. BF3.

New Era New York

New Era New York

New Era New York

I installed Crysis and played through it again a few weeks ago, and I was absolutely flabbergasted from the start. To me, the pure achievement this game reached in terms of graphical advancement will make it my top pick any day. It has a lot better detail, artwork (hell, artwork plays a role in graphics, there's no question about it) and overall epicness than most games today (those maps are HUGE and everything looks as beautiful as if it was individually drawn by hand). It remains my top pick of "best graphics games of all time" simply because of what it managed to pull off.

New Era New York

New Era New York

were so subtle coupled with awesome environmental lighting made for some stunning areas.

If you're looking at games purely at how detailed Ny Caps For Girls

Both engines are capable producing incredible graphic quality. I've seen a lot of amazing mod work Nike Cap For Men

metro 2033 (played this in dx9 maxed out and the lighting and character effects were amazing IMO. Not to everyone's taste but i found the game pulled off night scenes better than any other game in existence.

I've never been able to make up my mind. I've seen a lot of amazing mod work with both engines. I like the lighting in Crysis 2.

New Era New York

4. Witcher 2. DX9 my friends is no slouch.

they New Era New York must be to compete, everyone will agree that BF3 is top, followed by the likes of Witcher 2 and Crysis 2 (DX11 mod, DX9 didn't look much better than the first Crysis). We should keep an eye out for Far Cry 3 though, I hear the new Frostbyte engine has been really used in that game.1 or 2? I am seeing here a lot of people post that Crysis is a great game graphically speaking, but what i cant understand is that the first crysis is actually better in graphics than crysis 2? or they have the same graphics?

New Era New York

5 Best Graphics Games

2. Metro 2033. Lighting and shadows that will only be beat by Last light when it releases

Oh man you have no idea how much I agree with you there. People are too quick to discard DX9 as "old" when beauties such as Crysis still exist and validly compete with the newest games on the market all "sporting" DX11 support.

New Era New York

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