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Jordan Cap Black Red

Jordan Cap Black Red

were going through our VHS tapes and we were looking at family archives of when we had our first baby, and then (wife) Kim stuck in my tape of my first win at Volusia (County Speedway in Barberville, Fla.). My daughter, Brittany, was not born yet when that race happened (in 1991). And I'm watching it and I looked at her and she didn't see me looking at her and she said, "Dad, what series is this?"

Q: From what you've seen, whose driving style is the most similar to yours?

because he psychologically helped me. He taught me how to lead life and he taught me how to approach races. And most importantly, he taught me to be me.

But outside of my family, I would have to say Dick Trickle New York Yankees Cap

A: Because I watch these races every week and I watch them very intensely, when I see Carl Edwards go two years without a win or great drivers go years without a win, in this era, I truly believe it's 70% car. These drivers are too good. They can slip for a little bit, but not no damn two years.

I said, "Honey, that's the Nationwide Series. It used to be called the Busch Series." And it dawned on me that most of my success was when my kids were really young and it might be a good idea to help them realize how good their dad was. (Laughs)

Jordan Cap Black Red

So using that analogy and watching great drivers go years without wins, in this era when aerodynamics is so important and it's strategy and pit stops there's no doubt in my mind it's 70% car.

Jordan Cap Black Red

A: Early in my career, I never thought of it. But I guess about 10 years into my career, my wife built an incredible case in our fan club office and now I must have 100 uniforms and 50 helmets. We even went back and were able to get some of my original firesuits that I had just given away, not thinking about it at the time. I now have one of my Cox Treated Lumber firesuits from my very first year (1989). So it means a lot to me now.

Jordan Cap Black Red

Q: Outside of your family, what person has done the most for your racing career?

Our series of NASCAR interviews continues this week with Kenny Wallace, the Fox Sports 1 analyst and part time Nationwide Series driver. Wallace, 50, made his 900th NASCAR start last month.

I go back to what Dale Earnhardt taught me. Dale started last in one of the Bud Shootouts and he kept coming to the front. I said, "Oh my God, you were fast." He said, "When you get a good horse, ride it until it breaks its foot."

much he's had to go through being Dale Earnhardt's son. Dick Trickle helped me go through being a Wallace. He helped me learn to drive, but he really taught me to be me.

Jordan Cap Black Red

I look at luck as something you can't control. Dale Earnhardt had a flat tire coming to the checkered flag of the Daytona 500. I don't agree with Roger Penske when he says you make your own luck. I'll give him a certain percentage, but usually when people say they make their own luck, that's a great team that wins a lot. They're arrogant. They're like, "You make your own luck." I'm like, "Really? So how about that flat tire?" (Laughs)

So I'd say 70% car, 20% driver and 10% luck. And the reason I put the figure so high for the car is because there are 20 guys in the garage right now who could win, but not all of them do.

12 QUESTIONS: Catch up on the series with Q: What percent of overall success in NASCAR has to do with the driver, what percent is the car and what percent is luck?

My brother (and NASCAR Hall of Famer) Rusty has done by far the most for me. I just want to say that. He moved me to North Carolina and started my team. Without Rusty, I'm nobody and I don't Jordan Cap Black Red mind saying that.

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Q: How much of your own racing memorabilia do you collect? Do you save firesuits, helmets and diecast cars?

When I watch Dale (Earnhardt) Jr. now, he's so articulate and so smart. I love to listen to his interviews and I think about how Atlanta Braves Hats

Jordan Cap Black Red

Jordan Cap Black Red

A: I've always considered myself a driver that has never pushed the limits enough. You're never going to see me get real sideways.

I would say Bobby Labonte. Obviously, Bobby has had more success than me. But me and Bobby kind of came up together and you don't see Bobby wreck much. He's hardly ever going to spin out. So he's the first person I thought of.

Jordan Cap Black Red

Jordan Cap Black Red

12 Questions with Kenny Wallace

Q: You come into contact with a lot of people during a race weekend who want a piece of your time. With all that demand, how do you prioritize the time you have?

Jordan Cap Black Red

So right now we are gathering up my nine NASCAR Nationwide wins and we're condensing family archives, everything. We're kind of in that mode right now.

Jordan Cap Black Red

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