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Chicago Cubs Hat 47

"We have an MLA in the Legislature and we offer a third voice."

"Obviously, we don't think tomorrow's economy is based on fossil fuels," said Weaver, who was previously a climate change professor at the University of Victoria.

"There isn't any thoughtful or engaging discussion between the two groups any more," he said.

"The Green Party is not a one legged stool," he said. with the ruling Liberals pinning the future on liquefied natural gas from the north and getting it, Chicago Cubs Hat 47 by pipeline, to the coast for export to Asia.

"Everyone will take a meeting with the Greens now," said Olsen.

12 seats in 2017

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

That voice is the voice of reason and common sense, according to Olsen.

"The Green Party is a party you can vote for because you like the policies and will work for constituents."

to create an environment where progress can be made."

"In fact, there will probably be three or four byelections between now and then, and we'll run good candidates in all of them and hopefully pick up some seats. People are feeling let down by their government and their opposition. There's an opportunity for the Green Party."

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Chicago Cubs Hat 47

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

"Our policies are progressive," said Weaver. politics has boiled down to voters voting against a party rather than voting for one, according to Weaver.

"We have New Era Carolina Panthers

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

"If someone doesn't like the Liberals, they vote NDP and vice versa," he said.

They key for the Greens to explode onto the scene in the next election is hard work and common sense ideas, according to both Weaver and Olsen.

teachers has reached the point of dysfunction, according to Weaver.

"She's a nice person, but people wanted change and decided to give Green a chance. I'm glad they did."

That's exactly what happened in Weaver's riding of Oak Bay Gordon Head in the last provincial election, when voters decided to end 17 years of Liberal MLAs, all of them cabinet ministers as well, and elect Weaver.

"I beat Liberal Ida Chong, who was a cabinet minister," said Weaver.

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Olsen had also spent the last three days touring the Okanagan, meeting with mayors and councillors, community and business leaders.

Chicago Cubs Hat 47


Chicago Cubs Hat 47

The friction between the government and Adidas Cap Celebrity

"We have a different vision of an economy built on clean technology."

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

"In the early 1990s, Gordon Wilson brought the Liberals from one seat to 14 in one election and now the Liberals are the government. annual general meeting at Two Eagles Golf Course.

Chicago Cubs Hat 47

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