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Chicago Bulls Hats

Chicago Bulls Hats

Chicago Bulls Hats

I am more concerned with the necessity to de lid modern Intel CPUs if you want to squeeze out a maximum of performance without running into heat related throttling. De lidding is not necessary in the least for Intel to outclass AMD stuff tho.

Chicago Bulls Hats

That very thing happened to me with the e8400 in 2008. I read suggestions that a heatsink with a screw on back plate would clear up the e8400 heat issues. Voila! My temps went from upper 50s (with push pins correctly installed) all the way down to 42 celcius at rest at room temperature (with a cheap aftermarket $16 Masscool). The 8350 is better for livestreaming than 4670k in terms of fps in most games, explain that. Yeah push pins not a fan of them but what can you do? Just get a cheap aftermarket cooler if the stock is so problematic

That is a pretty sound assessment. While miniaturization is not everything, it is a pretty good start for comparing how advanced an architecture is. AMD is still manufacturing their CPUs in 32nm process. Intel started doing so with their Clarkdale cores, which were introduced January 2010. Meanwhile, Intel is down to 22nm, a value that AMD is still dreaming about. That is also a major reason why AMD CPUs consume so much power and dissipate so much heat in the process.

8 years of crappy push pins

Just letting Intel know we are still here, waiting for them to change their stock heatsink securing solution. Until then we'll just keep having to drop the extra $30+ for after market cooling, which means that your $200 Haswell is actually $230.

Chicago Bulls Hats

The stock heatsinks is fine. And they are actually a good deal easier to install than an aftermarket heatsink. I have installed a few of them and have spoken with others who have installed them. The problem is the push pins mechanism. They simply don't hold the heatsink securely enough to the CPU. The stock heatsink and fan are just fine. It is the securing mechanism that sucks. After you install it, with the side panel off and the case laying on it's side, as you watch the temps in bios, you can gently push down on the heatsink (without touching fan of course) and watch the temps begin to go down from the 50s to the 40s. Many many home builders and pre built systems owners have reported that over time (as in a few months to a year) the temps gradually begin to creep up into the 60s and even higher. I remember when the intel e8400 first came out everybody was griping about heat issues. It was even making hardware headlines for goodness sake. They were blaming it on the CPU but that was back when these push pins were relatively new and not many understood that it was really the crappy design of the securing mechanism that was causing their heat issues. Nike Hat For Girls

Chicago Bulls Hats

The only reason why the actual performance difference is smaller is because AMD resorts to putting more of their weaker cores upon each processor. Top Vishera CPUs (arguably) have 8 cores, while Intel only offers 4 cores + multithreading Adidas Cap White And Gold

Chicago Bulls Hats

Chicago Bulls Hats

ewok93 said:

Chicago Bulls Hats

'07 and '08 that this would be something Intel was greatly embarrassed by and would forthwith lead to a completely redesigned stock solution. That this did not happen makes it one of the greatest "emperor has no clothes" episodes in hardware history. It is not that the issue has not been more than amply documented, but that there seems to have been such a nonchalant fatalism about it. There have been plenty of complaints but not nearly enough expression of dissatisfaction. In short, nobody really cares.

The reason why this is so distressing for me is because I am a home system builder as a hobby. I build all my own and all my friends and relatives. In fact, I am slated to put together 3 systems in the next few months, and in each instance I am going to have to go with after market cooling.

So you're upset that they're hard to install? Or that they're not effective? Because they're neither, they're not bad coolers, you just can't overclock with them and they don't make up for bad wire arrangement and poor airflow.

As for the cooler, I have never been a fan of stock coolers, no matter which CPU manufacturer. However, it is not necessary to spend $30 on an aftermarket cooler either. There are way cheaper aftermarket coolers out there that will do easily as well as and better than the stock coolers. Combine these with a "tray" processor (not paying for boxed cooler and fancy packaging) and you end up hardly paying more but having a way more reliable cooling solution.

Also the stock coolers that follows with is a simply solution, they were never marked to be good for overclocking or anything like that.

Chicago Bulls Hats

So why not just go AMD right? The reason is because generally across the whole performance test spectrum, AMD is about three years behind Intel. Any clear headed performance oriented approach pretty much leaves you no option but Intel.

What absolutely boggles my mind is that the Intel push pin issue is not far more of a scandal than it is. I had assumed around Brooklyn Dodgers Hat 1947

Streaming and gaming is in no way a harder work for a CPU as the normally will use the same constant ressources.

Chicago Bulls Hats

(and still wins easily with those performance wise whilst consuming way less power).

When have after market cooler Chicago Bulls Hats been a problem?

suddenly a FPS meanwhile streaming shows how far a product is?

Chicago Bulls Hats

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