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"Really good! Guess what the title is going to be."

"Oakland, California. I'm so excited. It's been a lot of fun. I helped make flyers, write record the radio commercial, give away tickets. It's been great. Oh this time I don't have to wait around for Mike to give me a backstage pass. I already get an official one with my name New York Knicks Hats

Chicago Bulls Cap

different types of writing then we do an assignment based on that. It's not for credit or a grade or anything, but it's fun just to get creative again."

Chicago Bulls Cap

Chicago Bulls Cap

Chicago Bulls Cap

smiled as she rode the elevator up to Brendon's loft. She had just checked the mail was headed up to water the plants feed the fish. Brendon the rest of the band had been gone for 16 days now.

Angelina laughed. "Not jealous, right. He's 22 he has a girlfriend so calm down. Remember? No dating, I'm not ready!" She laughed again. "Anyways, how are things going with the album?"

Chicago Bulls Cap

Chicago Bulls Cap

"Me? No, no, no. I'm happy for you. This is what you need to be doing. Working on things you like."

Angelina sighed Jordan Cap 2015

"Does it have to do with disco?" She giggled.

"Ange!" Natsu said cutting her off ramblings. "It's okay. I'm not gonna lecture you. I'm tired of doing that. I'm your friend, not your mom. I see the way you Brendon look at each other. The way you light up when someone mentions his name. I can't get mad at you for kissing him. Besides, I feel like a total hypocrite. This whole "boys free" summer was my idea, now. I feel like a bad friend. I've been flirting with guys at work there's this one guy I really like.

"Yeah, Oh! And the other day when I was leaving class there was this guy signing people up for this creative writing group there at the campus. So I signed up, it feels so good to be writing again."

"Sounds fun. I'd love to read some of the stuff you've written."

"Yeah, for sure. Urie?" Angelina teased.

"Hey, just out of curiosity, how old is this Johnathan guy?"

"I'm happy for you; this will be great experience for you." Secretly, though, Brendon was kind of jealous. He didn't know who this band was, but he did know they'd get to hang out with Angelina.

on it."

Chicago Bulls Cap

Angelina took out her phone dialed Brendon's cell phone number by heart.

Chicago Bulls Cap

Angelina took a deep breath as she walked into her apartment. It still smelled like the chocolate cookies she had baked yesterday. She thought about her conversation with Brendon. She hadn't realized it before, but she was doing a lot of things that she loved. She was finding out who she was. Saying it out loud to him, must have made her realize it. She was feeling better about herself then she had in a long time. Her work, her writing, practicing the piano, she loved it all. She was also glad because she had finally told Natsu about her Brendon kissing. She thought back to their conversation the other day."Look Lynn, I need to tell you something."

Brendon had been texting her every day. He would call every few days when he had a chance. And just like Chicago Bulls Cap he promised, Spence had sent her post cards. The funny thing was he sent them to Brendon Ryan's loft because he didn't know Angelina's address, but he knew she was checking the mail at their house. Today he had sent her one of Time's Square. She set the rest of the mail down in the kitchen read her post card.

Chicago Bulls Cap

12 Its Time for Us to Take a Chance Brendon Urie

"Hey you." He answered. Angelina could hear the smile in his voice.

"Okaaaay." Angelina said, not totally convinced.

"Oh cool, what kind of stuff have you written?"

"So far just some poems. We meet on Monday nights. Johnathan, the guy who signed me up, he's the teacher, well actually he's a student teacher, but anways. We meet we discuss different things, usually New Era Hat On Head

Chicago Bulls Cap

Chicago Bulls Cap

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