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3. Get the extra legroom seat!

10 survival tips for holiday travel

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Oh sure, you love the holidays, but there is little to celebrate about holiday travel. How do you cope? Here are a few suggestions to take the sting out of your trip home.

And don try cramming everything Cap Adidas Original into some mammoth carry on either. Send them four or five days ahead via FedEx Ground or UPS. It often cheaper than paying checked bag fees. No standing in line to check a bag, no waiting on a bag at the carousel, no lugging around a bag, no fighting for overhead space none of that! And FedEx has much better tracking, and they even insure your valuables (airlines won Save your cash for that extra legroom seat.

the guy in front of you slams his seat back. Some airlines, such as JetBlue, even throw in snazzy privileges like priority check in and boarding. Fancy! Here a rundown of Ny Yankees Cap Green

Hey, it a holiday, and you deserve it, right? And should there be a delay, a cancellation, or any other form of unwanted wonkiness, chances are you get better customer service in the lounge. So, grab an eggnog and a handful of those little quiches that you like so much (hey, load up, they free!) and live a little.

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a mob of travelers, only to watch sad faced as your plane leaves the gate. And running with a carry on? Not cute. So show up early, allow yourself enough time to deal with any snags that may occur and, who knows, you may even encounter a gate agent willing to put you through on an earlier flight.

Instead, use them to upgrade. Redeeming 15,000 Miles on United gets you an upgrade from your $300 coach fare to a $1,500 (or more) business or first class seat, which is cuh learly a better value.

2. Spend a little money on a day pass for the airport lounge.

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Yeah, we know, airports can be a tad dull, but we gladly risk boredom over rolling up at the last minute, sprinting through Adidas Cap White And Gold

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4. Don check a bag!

1. Show up early! Really really early.

5. Don fritter away your miles on some dinky seat in economy!

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what the airlines offer.

C it not that much more, and won you be happy without your own knees in your face for five hours? Yes, you will. Also? You actually have enough space to comfortably use a laptop, no matter how far back Arizona Diamondbacks Hats

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