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Gaara and Kankuro, I

and the guy knocked you over. He started licking you chin, lips, and neck like there was no tommorow. "Sasuke stop your so aggresive." You replied to all the rapid licks. Yet after ten minutes you removed your blindfold to reveal man's best friend, Akamaru. (me:ha ha you got your first kiss from a dog!)

Arizona Cardinals Hats

Arizona Cardinals Hats

Arizona Cardinals Hats

This is great, believe it!

No one you hate them all, and you were trying to kill Gaara.

Naruto motions you to sit down in the circle with them and you sit between.

Arizona Cardinals Hats

Arizona Cardinals Hats

You waited for you beloved Sasuke to come and sweep you off your feet. Then after a few minutes you heard the door open Adidas Hat Black And Gold

Ahh!!! Get me out of here! claws at door

It is my destiny to be surrounded by guys who apparently think I'm smexy. (me:umm ok?)Gaara I'm going to kill you for this! (me:good luck with that.)

You were walking down Konoha being bored like you always were. Yet suddenly a swirl of sand surrounded you and the next thing you know you were at 's house with a bunch of guys! (Dreams do come true, lol) How do you react to the sudden appearence?

Arizona Cardinals Hats

Naruto and Sasuke, someone has to make them shutup!

It was so wierd just sitting there and you were well, nervous. Then you heard the door open and fell a finger on you chin lifting you face. Of course you were blushing like mad. Next you felt lips come on to yours just so innocently. You figured the guy was scared to. Then after that the rest of the 7 minutes was pretty boring. At the very end he removed your blindfold to have it be. Shino!

Arizona Cardinals Hats

7 minutes in heaven with the naruto boys girls and gays

Right when you heard the door open you make out session began. And went all seven minutes. At then end your blindfold was removed to reveal Itachi.

Shino and Kabuto, they are both are mysterious and misunderstood.

You waited with a great anticipation for the smell of blood for a carcass worthy of revenge. And you waited, and waited. Then when you took off your blindfold and opened the closet after 15 minutes you realized that they ditched you.

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Itachi and Kisame, yeah gotta love the bad boys.

a few minutes just talking to him. About how his village can be unfair and how he was glad to get away from it all, even just for a moment. Then at the last moment he gave you a sweet kiss on the lips and removed your blindfold. Revieling a grinning Kabuto.

Yeah they're here! Where's my camera!

Right when you heard the door open you make out session began. And went all seven minutes. At then end your blindfold was removed to reveal Deidara.

Kiba and Shika, they are so cute!!! pets Akamaru

What a drag.

You felt the door open and heavy breathing by your face. Of course you blushed madly! "So _______ having fun yet?"the guy asked. "Actually I'm kind of scared." You replied nervously. "Don't be."Replied the guy and you felt a warm arm go across you shoulder. You stayed that way for New Era Ny Cap Black

Arizona Cardinals Hats

You felt the door swing open with a kiss touching your lips with toung. He pulled off you blinfold a moment later to reveal a smiling Kiba.


Arizona Cardinals Hats

7 minutes in heaven with the boys Arizona Cardinals Hats {girls and Air Jordan Hat

You heard the door open and suddenly you were kissed. Alot. Then at the very end you heard, "Your a great kisser, believe it!"

Arizona Cardinals Hats

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