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syndrome do not have one of these conditions. If you have one of these conditions, treating it can improve RLS symptoms.

What Causes Restless Legs Syndrome?The cause ofrestless legs syndrome is usually unknown. Experts think that RLS may be connected to how the brain uses dopamine and iron.

10 Questions About Restless Legs Syndrome

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Genetics also plays a New Era Calgary Flames

Does Restless Legs Syndrome Ever Go Away by Itself?There are some cases of restless legs syndrome disappearing on its own. But this is rare. Instead, for most people symptoms get worse over time.

role. About half of people with restless legs syndrome have a family member with it.

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Restless legs syndrome can get worse in people with other medical conditions if they don't get those conditions treated.

Doctors also use other drugs not specifically made to treat RLS. These include:

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Losing sleep oftenFeeling depressed or anxiousHaving trouble concentratingYou don't have to wait until one of these things happens. If you just want to feel better, see your doctor.

For people with RLS symptoms caused by a medical condition, treatment of that condition can improve their RLS.

people have restless legs syndrome, also called RLS. About 2% to 3% of them have moderate to severe symptoms that affect their quality of life.

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Air Jordans Hats

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Are There Treatments for Restless Legs Syndrome?There are four FDA approved drugs for restless legs syndrome: Horizant, Mirapex, Neupro, and Requip.

Who Gets Restless Legs Syndrome?About 10% of New Era St. Louis Rams

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Anti seizure medicines, such as gabapentinOpiate pain medicines, such as hydrocodone, propoxyphene, and tramadol"Sedative hypnotics," such as clonazepam and zolpidem

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Many medical conditions are linked to RLS, including iron deficiency, diabetes, end stage kidney disease, Parkinson's disease, and pregnancy. But most people with restless legs New Era Vancouver Millionaires

When Should I See a Air Jordans Hats Doctor About Restless Legs Syndrome?You should see a doctor if RLS is causing problems in your life. Only you can decide if that is happening. You should also see a doctor if you are:

Can Restless Legs Syndrome Develop Into Something More Serious?Most people with restless legs syndrome have the "idiopathic" form, meaning there's no known cause. For them, there is no risk of RLS developing into something more serious, like Parkinson's disease.

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How Can I Get a Good Night's Sleep Despite Restless Legs Syndrome?Experts agree that simply changing your behavior can often help you sleep if you have restless legs syndrome.

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