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Adidas Cap Stripes

Adidas Cap Stripes

'Of course I like it, it's beautiful,' I smiled, and all four of us got out of the car, and Stacey started walking to another car that I guessed was Casey's.

'Alright, let me call the guys and we can go surfing it that okay?' He asked with a smile.

After about Adidas Cap Stripes five minutes passed since Stacey called me and told me he was coming over, I decided that I was going to Nike Cap Dark Blue

Adidas Cap Stripes

'This is the beach we always come to, to go surfing Emberlynn, do you like it?' Stacey asked.

Adidas Cap Stripes

Adidas Cap Stripes

'Did you bring the surf boards?' I could hear Stacey ask Casey in a distace from where I was standing next to Josh.

'Alright, cool so we'll go surfing and don't forget to bring your swim suit' He replied with a smile.

'Alright i'm walking to my window,' I replied, and I hung up setting the phone on my bed, and I walked towards my window and un locked it, and there came Stacey climbing through my window after a few seconds.

'Hi Emberlynn,' Josh smiled at me as he got in the New Era Miami Dolphins

'Hi,' I smiled back from the passenger seat.

Adidas Cap Stripes

'Yeah, it sounds like fun,' I Ny Cap Price

Adidas Cap Stripes

Adidas Cap Stripes

Adidas Cap Stripes

'Um, you pick what we should do,'

07 I'm The Most Popular Girl In School And I'm Falling For The Quiet

And just because my mom and dad had strict rules, it didn't mean I had to be this up tight obedient teenager they wanted be to be I already had enough problems and I just wanted to break free from all of them.

get dressed and most likely sneak out of the house, because I was sick and tired of people controlling my life.

'Yeah, Casey's going to meet us at the beach and he has our surf boards,' Stacey replied.


'So, are we going to leave?' I asked, looking down at my white high heels, that matched my almost knee length skirt, and my light blue tank top.

backseat of Stacey's car quickly.

'So we're going surfing Stacey?' Josh asked.

About five more minutes passed, me and Stacey climbed out of my house through my bedroom window and left in his car.

'Are you okay Stacey?' I asked, as he pulled himself through the window.

Adidas Cap Stripes

'Um, now that i'm through the window i'm fine,' He replied, dusting his jeans off. 'Heres your cellphone' He said handing me my pink cellphone.

'Well, I could call the guys, and we can go surfing, or I can still call the guys and you can watch us skateboard,' He replied.

Adidas Cap Stripes

Adidas Cap Stripes

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