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So it's beginning to feel a lot like the late 1990s, when there was a lot of money to be made by picking the right stock. Then again, it feels a bit like the early 2000s, too, when those right stocks suddenly turned very wrong.

These are tempting times for investors.

The creditors get new shares in the reorganized firm and the old shareholders get experience.

It's easy to fall for a great story, a sure fire new concept that's about to come to market. But somehow, they often don't happen. In the end, earnings propel stock prices, so your best bets are stocks with already strong but growing earnings.

Averaging down means buying more shares after a stock you bought went down instead of up. Say you buy 100 shares of a stock for $20 per share. Then it drops to $10. To get back to break even, the stock would have to double.

4. Never average down.

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Bad idea! The stock dropped because something went wrong. Chances are, the stock will drop even further.

or whatever is telling you that the market is getting ready to (a) soar, (b) crash or (c) remain in a trading range. Same thing for interest rates, value of the dollar, oil prices, gold prices, you name it. If these guys really knew, the last thing they'd do is tell us.

6. Only buy stocks with real sales and real earnings.

Strong stocks are trading above their moving averages, and weak stocks below. Stick with stocks trading above their 50 day and 200 day moving averages. The 50 day reflects relatively short term price action, and the 200 day gauges longer trends.

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Their profit margins, sales forecasts and stock price gyrations contain important clues about Adidas Cap Sports Direct what lies ahead for them and probably their entire industry.

It's tempting! Stocks fetching $25, $50 or even $100 a few months ago can be had for pennies. Surely, they'll be worth more when the firm exits bankruptcy. Alas, most often, the stock ends up worthless.

It's tempting to think you're smarter than the market. Especially when you've done your homework and scrutinized a firm's fundamentals. But all too often stocks move because insiders are acting on information that hasn't yet hit the news.

similar bad news.

10 Investing Tips to Balance Fear and Greed

A stock's price action tells you what the market thinks about its outlook. Stocks move up in price when most players see good things ahead, and down when they don't.

Since everybody in the same sector faces the same problems, take advantage of your good fortune and sell before your company issues Cleveland Indians Hats New Era

1. Never buy or sell based on anyone's (including your own) market Ny Hats Nz

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Adidas Cap Sports Direct

2. Stick with uptrending stocks.

Most bankruptcies happen when a firm's debt and other liabilities exceed its assets. That means that there's not enough cash to pay off the creditors. Usually the company continues to operate, is eventually reorganized and comes out of bankruptcy. However, in the process, the old shares are wiped out.

Thus, when they're forced to cut sales or earnings forecasts, they typically portray the causes as short term fixable problems. Don't believe them! Bad news usually leads to more bad news. As painful as it seems at the time, your first loss is usually your best loss. Sell at the first sign of faltering growth.

Top executives tend to be an optimistic lot.

By averaging down, which in this case means buying 100 more shares at $10, you can break even if the stock pops back up to $15, instead of $20.


If you're lucky, a competitor will sound the alarm and take the hit before your company does. When that happens, your stock's execs will say that the competitor's problems are company specific and don't apply.

5. Always sell when management cuts sales or earnings forecasts.

Instead of predicting the market, focus on the individual stocks that you're following.

To help you deal with your conflicting feelings of greed and fear, and to help you make money, I've come up with a 10 point investing survival checklist. It will help you identify which stocks to buy.

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It seems that every few days, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a new all time high. Analysts are predicting 20 percent profit growth this year in the technology sector.

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Adidas Cap Sports Direct

How do you know if your stock is moving up or down?

Turn on CNBC and, almost without fail, some guy who predicted the last market crash, bull market Nike Hats White

3. Never buy stocks in danger of filing for or actually in bankruptcy.

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