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You feel like, "OK, it might have been a bad day, but it probably wasn't as bad as some other people's." When you think you're having a bad day, just look around at other people's struggles. All of the sudden, yours aren't as much of an issue.

I'd be a tiny bit more aggressive with the progressive banking, but the shape of the track is really important when it comes to that. You take Darlington, for example it doesn't have progressive banking, but we run around the top just because of the way it's shaped. Your corner entry is really square and really sharp on exit, so you have drive it like that.

A: You're in the moment, so what you're constantly thinking about is being efficient with your tires and trying to run the fastest lap you can. You don't want the guy behind you catching you and you don't want the guy in front of you to get away.

really enjoy off road and sand dunes and all that, but I don't ever really get to go to any dunefests or sandfests or any of those things because they're all on the weekends.

A: I just keep it to myself until I get over it. I'll kind of moan and complain I coulda done this, shoulda done that but typically I get home and I see my daughter and my dogs and family, and it pretty much goes away.

I'd love to run some off road races, too, I think they'd be fun to do like the Mint 400 but they're all during our season.

Q: If you had a day off to do anything in the world you wanted but you were not allowed to race what would you do?

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A: I'd like to see some sand dunes from other countries like Dubai. Get all my equipment my sand cars, my UTVs, all that stuff and go be able to do some of that recreationally. I Adidas Hat Gray

Q: Fans often come up to you and want to discuss a moment or race from your career. Which one comes up the most?

A: All the coolest things I've gotten to do were when I was sponsored by the National Guard. Probably flying in the Apache (helicopter) out in Utah, flying up the face of a snow covered mountain, then nosing over and Adidas Cap Green going over the other side of it. We did some maneuvers like "return to target," where you pull up and do a pedal turn, then aim back down at the target as if you had your guns pointed at it.

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Q: When you go home after a bad day at the track, do you vent to someone about it or just keep it to yourself?

Q: When you're on a long green flag run and not racing around anyone, what do you think about?

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I also got to land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. So those are all really neat things.

A: I would build a 1 mile to 1.25 mile racetrack. We've got a lot of 1.5 mile tracks and we don't have as many 1 mile tracks. I think it can be in between Richmond size (0.75 mile) and Charlotte (1.5 miles) and have a happy medium with progressive banking.

I think there's this perception in the sport and with fans that when they see a long green flag run and the cars get strung out, they think we're not racing as hard because we're not close together. But we're still trying to catch whoever it is in front of us, and we're still running as hard as we can to close in on them.

12 Questions with Greg Biffle

I got to shoot the 155 (mm) howitzer; I pulled the string. You've got this high tech piece of equipment, and it's like a shoelace that you pull that fires it. (Laughs)

It changes with time though. My first win in Daytona in 2003, then the 1000th win (for Ford) last year at Michigan people talked a lot about that. They'll bring tickets to get signed. But it's usually the last big moment.

So what I'm actually thinking about is: "What adjustment do I need to make? What do I need to tell (the team)? How can I run a better lap?" And I can experiment a little bit, but I don't want to lose any time. I don't want to make a mistake and run two tenths slower, because I just lost two tenths to everyone.

Our series of NASCAR driver interviews continues this week with Greg Biffle, who is currently 11th in the Sprint Cup Series point standings for Roush Fenway Racing.

So it has to be laid out properly and then have the proper amount of banking so you match the speeds from up at the fence and down at the white line. That would be the perfect racetrack in my eyes.

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Q: If someone paid you $5 million to design a new racetrack and gave you an unlimited budget, what kind of track would you build?

TRACK: With win in in hand, Johnson could be ready to roll

Greg Biffle says fans like to talk to him about his win at the 2003 Pepsi 400 at Daytona and the 1,000th victory for Ford at Michigan last year.(Photo: Mike DiNovo, USA TODAY Sports)

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Q: You get to have a lot of cool experiences away from racing through your job as a NASCAR driver. What's one that sticks out?

A: Well, a non racing moment that a lot of fans bring up is the Subway commercial (where Biffle uses sandwiches to illustrate a crash to former crew chief Doug Richert). A lot of people talked about that, although that's sort of died off a little bit.

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at Roush Fenway

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