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Adidas Cap For Kids

"Where's Riccio?" Mosca says. He looks in the closet and Riccio's unconscious.

You push him off you and start hitting him. You punch his nose so hard, he bleeds. You walk out of the closet proudly.

You pick a green card. You look up and Hornet is laughing. Actually, everyone is laughing. Except Riccio. Where is he? OH NO! you think.

7 minutes in heaven with The Thief Lord crew Girlz only

Adidas Cap For Kids

You pick out a yellow card. Bo stands up.

You go into he closet and prosper gets really close to you. You try backing up, but your already at the wall.

Adidas Cap For Kids

Adidas Cap For Kids

making out with you passionately. You stay like that for a while, and you don't really mind, until he tries to take your shirt off.

Adidas Cap For Kids

Adidas Cap For Kids

"We're gonna open the door now!" Someone shouted on the outside. Scipio pushes you away and puts his coat and mask back on.

Created by LilaCaffee on Sunday, January 27, 2008You were sitting on the floor with the Thief Lord crew. Hornet decided we should play 7 minutes in heaven. It's your Nike Hat Metal Swoosh

Adidas Cap For Kids

Hornet pushes you into the closet. Ay first you can't see anything, it's so dark. Riccio jumps out behind you and pushes you to the floor. He starts New Era Lakers

Adidas Cap For Kids

turn. You pull out a colored card from inside the basket. What color is it?You pick a black card. Scipio stands up and leads you to the closet. He leaned up against the wall with his arms crossed. You move closer to him and smile. Your eyes had adjusted to the dark.

You pick a blue card. Mosca runs away. Everyone, including you, is laughing really hard.

Riccio opens the door to find Scipio in the same position as before. You are standing there as if nothing happened. New York Giants Cap

"Nope." Scipio says chuckling.

Adidas Cap For Kids

He leans toward you and kisses you softly. Soon it becomes more passionate and your tonges touch slightly. He breaks away and takes off his jacket and mask. He smiles and starts kissing you again. He snakes his hands up your shirt. His cold hands on your back makes you shiver. You break the kiss and nuzzle his Adidas Cap For Kids chest.

"Man!" Riccio sighed. As you walked out of the closet, Scipio put his hand around your waist.

This is kinda funny/romantic. Read the results! Read any but and it is funny. Red and are the only ones I took seriously.

Adidas Cap For Kids

Scipio says sarcasticly "This ought to be interesting."

"Should we stop him?" You ask.

Adidas Cap For Kids

Adidas Cap For Kids

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